Traveling with Kids This Holiday? 13 Thrilling Ideas to Help You Keep Your “Bon Voyage” a “Calm Voyage”

Travel Tips

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile this holiday, transporting kids anywhere can be tricky. In addition to bringing along new books, movies, and apps, we’ve got you covered with 13 fabulous traveling activities for kids en route. Consider packing some of the following in your carry on:

  1. New coloring book and crayons—With so many coloring books for older kids (and adults!), it’s easy to find the perfect book for every kid—just be sure to give each child their own set of crayons to avoid arguments. A pencil box is great for storing supplies on the road.
  1. Playfoam®Keep the creativity rolling with no-mess Playfoam! This squishy, squashy substance is perfect for sculpting on the go! It never dries out so the fun never ends, andpsst: it won’t stick to the car seat or airplane carpet!


  1. Fill in the Blank Stories—Found at your local book and toy stores (or you can even make your own, custom versions tying in to your trip!), fill in the blank stories are good for some serious giggles. You ask your child for a series of nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs, then insert them on the blanks and read their slapstick story aloud. These are fun for ALL ages (and educational, too. Shhh…).
  1. Card games—Think small and light, like The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel™ Card Game for little ones or Rhyme Out™ for whole-family fun.

Sneaky Snacky Card GameRhyme Out

  1. Puppets—From DIY finger puppets to our Puppet-on-a-Stick™ Monsters, Dinosaurs, or Rainbow Prancers™, puppets are the perfect prop for travel play. Act out some of the things you’ll be doing at Grandma’s or Santa’s trip down the chimney.

Dino Puppets

  1. Family photo album—Bring along some pix of the relatives you’ll be seeing on your travels and share your favorite stories about each one.
  1. Art supplies—Pack a bag of supplies including pipe cleaners, beads, blank notebooks, cut-out collage images, glue sticks, and markers and watch the creativity soar.
  1. Stickers—Sheets of themed stickers are perfect for storytelling! Encourage your child to place a few, then draw the rest of her story.
  1. Origami—Older kids love origami. Pack a how-to book and some paper for some fabulous folding fun.
  1. Small puzzle—Too many pieces and some will get lost, but little kids love assembling small puzzles on the plane, over and over again. You can even purchase a puzzle mat to help contain the pieces and roll partially-finished puzzles up for later.
  1. New journal—Who doesn’t love a new journal? Younger kids can draw pictures of their travels while older kids can keep track of their trip, feelings, and inner most thoughts.
  1. Cereal Jewelry—You’ll need snacks…why not make them wearable? Bring some floss and your favorite “O” shaped cereal, and teach your kids to string their O’s before they eat them!
  1. Quiet toys—Speaking of string, stitch some fun into your ride with quiet, independent toys like our String Along Lacing Kit.String Along Lacing Kit

What’s your best travel tip? Comment below to let us know and don’t forget to share this post with any friends who are traveling with little ones this season.

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