Tip Tuesday: 7 Outdoor Activities You Can Do with Your Kids Today

With the sunny season near, we know that means your child’s summer vacation is trailing closely behind. Have no fear; we’ve compiled a list of 7 easy outdoor activities that you and the kids can enjoy together today.

1. Rally up a scavenger hunt. Take your child to a park with a list of items, people, or animals to find – a tree leaf, a jogger, a bird, a trail of ants, etc. This mini hunt is easy, fun, and allows your child to observe his or her surroundings.

2. Go on a kid-friendly hike. Find an easy trail near you. This is a great way to see the outdoors while having lighthearted conversation. Oh, and be sure to bring the binoculars!

3. Go for a family bike ride. This activity saves gas and is great exercise. As a reward, you can wrap up the day with delicious treats.

4. Have a fancy picnic. You choose the location and let your child choose the menu. Try these yummy recipes.

5. Start a Lemonade Stand. Your child gets to bond with friends and neighbors, and learn about basic money counting.

6. Have a little fun with Sidewalk Chalk. You and your child can draw a deep blue sea or create a game like Hopscotch. The sky’s the limit!

7. Instead of movie night, have a stargazing night. Bring fun tools, such as Nancy B’s MoonscopeTM to really take in the wonder!

What are your child’s favorite outdoor activities?

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