There’s a Magical, Miniature World – Right in Your Own Backyard!

magnification scavenger hunt

Get up close and personal with nature, through the amazing power of magnification! There are truly unbelievable details in nearly everything you find outdoors (and in, for that matter!), and magnifying glass activities are fun for the whole family. Teach your kids to look deeper by examining natural finds with a microscope or other magnifiers! EI’s GeoSafari® Jr. Science Utility Vehicle™ is a fun way to introduce magnification to young children, and our GeoSafari Adventure Pens are the perfect, portable scientific tool for older kids.

Some particularly spectacular, every day outdoor objects to magnify include:

Leaves – look for the veins!
Bark – check out the texture!
Snake or spider skin – is it translucent? Transparent?
Feathers – are the edges smooth or frayed? Can you see a pattern?
Blades of grass – are the edges smooth or rough?
Sand – see the millions of mini granules?
Dirt – what is dirt made of? What colors do you see?
Moss – can you find a stem? Leaves?
Insects – how many body parts does it have?
Pond or Ocean water – is there anything swimming in your specimen?

Your kids won’t believe the discoveries they can make when they take a closer look. And if you really want to take an even closer look, check out these images from the GeoSafari Talking Electron Microscope™ – you won’t believe your eyes!

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