Sum-sum-summertime Let’s Doodle Coloring Pages

It’s Riley from Educational Insights here. As EI’s Creative Director, I must confess that I’m still coloring after all this time. Now that I’m almost 40 years of age, crayons and arts & crafts continue to be an integral part of my life. Actually, crayons and markers and bits of colored paper and clay seem to make their way around all of the EI offices. Somebody is always making something. I suppose that’s why the creative energy in our office is so very strong. When was the last time you spent some time with a coloring book page and a few crayons?

Soooo, I’m happy to dig up a few more of our classic Let’s Doodle coloring book pages from the past. Teachers and parents seem to just love these pages and even write us asking for them! Is it the oh-so-vintage style of the line work? They remind me of those posters we used to get in the 1980s that were packaged with felt-tip markers. Remember those? Oh, how quickly we forget.

Three summertime pages are here for your printing pleasure. We’ve got a sailboat that is possibly bouncing across the ocean waves right now in the Pacific. There’s also an elaborate seashell that will prompt you to restock your pink, peach, and sand-colored crayon supply just for the summer months. And of course we’ve got a darling and fancy fish. Is she an albacore or a red snapper with that bow in her hair? You decide. Let your children join in on the fun and be sure to print them a set as well! 🙂

And here’s a tip: if you have access to a larger printer, try outputting them at a larger size. You can also tile them on smaller pieces of paper to make a ginormous version. Go wild. Hey, they’re FREE!

Happy summer from the Educational Insights team. And if any of you have this book in print, will you send me a shout out? Leave a comment.

Sailboat Fish Seashell




  1. I do have the lets doodle book. I am a daycare provider and have been copying these pictures for 19 years!!!

  2. Thank you! I taught for 34 years. I loved the doodle book. It was especially nice on indoor recess or for getting to doodle when their work was finished. I still color from it. My 7 year old daughter loved my color sheets that I had saved in a folder. I cannot find my book. I am sure that I have it somewhere, but I am trying to order a new one form Educational Insights. FYI- I made copies of these 3 for her. She is working on then now. Thank You!!!!!!

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