Stick It! Simple Ways to Encourage Your Kids Best Efforts

We All Need a Little Motivation…

A sincere compliment, a kind word, a pat on the back… a little bit goes a long way toward motivating grown-ups. The same is true of kids! Everyone likes to be acknowledged (and rewarded!) for their hard work and contributions. Whether your kids are acing their homework, showing real improvement on that big test, or trying their hardest to tackle a challenging new concept, the final installment of our ABC’s of Back to School series features three easy incentives to—“C” celebrate— and reward kids’ academic efforts and achievements all year long.

  1. Stickers and Stamps – Who doesn’t love stickers? A silly sticker or positive stamped message means a lot to kids. Check your local big box store, teacher’s supply, or dollar store for some fun stickers and stamps.  And don’t forget to share our Facebook post for your chance to win one of our Positive Reinforcement Stamp sets with a new stamp pad!
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  1. Points System – Institute a points system and post it at your designated homework spot. Offer points for whatever you want to encourage – best handwriting, completed homework, improved test scores – and track them toward goals you and your child set together. Your child’s points might earn him a trip to the ice cream shop or movies, a special toy like our Design & Drill® BrightWorks™, or an end-of-year day at the amusement park!Reward Chart
  1. Cold, Hard, Cash – By second or third grade, your child may become especially motivated by money they can spend any way they choose. Work together to set up clear expectations and exact amounts earned when those expectations are met. This is also a great lesson in financial responsibility and literacy.


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