Proud to Be Your Parent – Dad Style!

Last month we featured some of the dedicated moms from our EI team, who shared why it’s such an honor to parent their children. It’s only fair that we turn the tables and feature a few of the EI dads, just in time for Father’s Day!

Read on for some fun parenting tips, tricks, and insights from Product Managers James Tu and Brent Geppert, eCommerce Marketing Strategist Steven Kim, VP of Sales Scott McCabe, and even our illustrious Chairman, Rick Woldenberg.

Rick Woldenberg – Chairman
Woldenberg Family 1-17
Father to three adult children, Stephen, Ben, and Elana, as well as to two teams of employees at Educational Insights and its parent company, Learning Resources, Rick has always put family first. He’s thrilled that his son Stephen will join the company full time after finishing business school, marking four generations in the family business, but wishes more than anything that his children find happiness and satisfaction in whatever they pursue. He advises new parents to appreciate their families and to never, ever ration hugs! Our leader feels blessed to have a great family with strong values and a sense of direction. We feel very lucky to work and learn with someone like Rick!

Scott McCabe – VP of Sales
Scott 2
Although the time he spends away from Connor, age 17, and Kyle, age 14, when he’s presenting EI’s newest toys and games to retailers across the country is tough on Scott, his work enables him to give his boys experiences that he hopes will show them the amazing things they can accomplish in life. The boys (and their friends) thought Scott’s toy sample room was pretty cool when they were younger, but now that they’re teens they wish Scott worked for Apple or Xbox. Scott’s best parenting advice is to teach your kids how to find the answers they need on their own, so maybe he can teach them how to find jobs at their dream companies!

Steven Kim – eCommerce Marketing Strategist
There’s an old saying about parenting – “The days are long but the years are short.” Steven, dad to Kaitlyn, 3, and Elizabeth, 8 months, agrees. Adjusting to new experiences, sorting through endless parenting advice, and losing time to himself is all worth it, though, when Steven sees his girls learn something new or overcome a barrier on their own. From rolling over to roller skating, watching his girls grow is a constant joy. Steven knows firsthand how fast the years go by, and advises new parents to cherish every moment of every day.

James Tu – Product Manager
Although James wishes there were more hours in the day so that he could spend more time with his daughter Maya, age 5, and son Elliott, age 3, he says his kids love that he works in toy design. James likes that his kids know that their toys are designed by real people and hopes that they’ll be inspired to create things for other people, potentially affecting the world they live in, too. All of his hard work is rewarded when he gets an unexpected hug or kiss or sees that “Aha!” moment when he’s teaching them something new.

Brent Geppert – Product Manager
Although he sometimes has trouble remembering their names (just kidding), Brent is truly grateful to be a part of his sons Evan, age 13, and Kyle, age 11, lives. He works tirelessly to adjust his parenting to their evolving stages of life, but watching his boys develop their own interests and abilities, excel in sports and school, and become their own people makes it all worthwhile. Plus, his boys are the only ones who truly appreciate Brent’s awesome breakfast burritos.


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