Preschool and Kindergarten Milestones

Growing Up! 3 to 5 Milestones

Growing Up! What to Expect in the Early Years

Your little one’s brain is growing at an incredible rate in these early years – it’s no wonder she’s so active and inquisitive! In fact, a toddler’s brain is twice as active as an adult’s—forming 700 neurons per second in the first five years of life. All this growth and development enables young kids to do some pretty amazing things! Read on for some of the marvelous milestones to look forward to in the coming years. (Important caveat: every child is unique.  If your kiddo is behind on any of the milestones in our infographic below, it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong —he or she simply may be developing at a different rate!)

Your Theatrical Three-Year-Old

Three-year-olds are natural explorers, using all of their senses to get a grasp on the world.And with a vocabulary of 900-1000 words, they’ve got plenty to say about it, too! Our infographic highlights some of the wonderful discoveries your three-year-old will make this year.

Your Fact-Finding Four-Year-Old

Watch out! Four-year-olds are curious, creative, confident, and opinionated! You’ll be hearing quite a bit of “I can do it” and “Let me help,” this year. With kindergarten on the horizon, it’s helpful to encourage arts and crafts, math, and reading—you can also help increase your child’s growing vocabulary by simply talking together about anything and everything. Check out just a few of the learning milestones you can expect your four-year-old to achieve in our infographic.

Your Curious 5-Year-Old Kindergartener

Kindergarteners delight in creative problem solving. They also tend to be more social, and they’re not afraid to speak up. In fact, they know more than 2,000 words and they’re not afraid to use them! Discovering the ability to make and vocalize their choices will both delight and empower them.Find out what else these super-smarties can do in our infographic.

Be on the lookout for next month’s post outlining key milestones for bigger kids, ages 6-8!

Preschool and Kindergarten Milestones

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