CHANGE IT UP! CureSearch for Children’s Cancer

sunnyStatistics shows that 1 out of 8 children with cancer will not survive. Sunny’s passion is to make sure those statistics get crushed, and she is doing that by supporting CureSearch for Children’s Cancer. This past month, she made it her goal to raise funds for CureSearch for the Change It Up! program, where each month an employee chooses a worthy organization for which to fundraise and collect spare change.

CureSearch is a national non-profit foundation that accelerates the cure for children’s cancer by driving innovation, eliminating research barriers and solving the field’s most challenging problems. CureSearch fights every day to make treatment possible and a cure probable for the 42 children diagnosed with cancer daily. CureSearch funds and supports targeted and innovative children’s cancer research with measurable results, and is the authoritative source of information and resources for all those affected by children’s cancer.

Find out how you can help Sunny donate to CureSearch, HERE: