Magical Reading Time! Hot Dots® Jr. Princess Fairytales Interactive Storybook Set

Hot Dots® Jr. Princess Fairytales Interactive Storybook Set
Greetings your majesty! We’ve added Princess Fairytales to our collection of Hot Dots® Jr. Interactive Storybook Sets.

Retellings of four favorite, “must-know” princess fairytales made interactive with the Magical Talking Wand™. Classic princess stories include Rapunzel, The Princess and the Pea, The Princess and the Frog, and the Twelve Dancing Princesses. It’s quite magical!

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Roar-some Fun: Top Dinosaur Toys

Educational Insights lists some of the most amazing dinosaur toys available. Check out some of these cool options, and add a dinosaur to your child’s toy box!Dinosaur toys never go out of style. Most children go through that phase where they absolutely need the newest and coolest toys based on their favorite prehistoric creatures. Plus, dinosaur toys aren’t just awesome, they’re educational! What’s not to love? It’s no surprise that there’s a wide variety of these toys available for kids and the young at heart.

We have a roar-some list of dinosaur toy ideas that can be used for either the home or the classroom. Our dinosaur toys are fun and educational, encouraging creative thinking and positive communication. With these amazing, prehistoric-inspired toys, your little ones will spend hours learning, and more importantly, having fun!

Dinosaur Puppet-On-A-Stick™, Set of 3
Join Crusher, Stomper, and Buster in prehistoric puppet playtime! These adorable dinosaur toys make for great addition in either the home or the classroom. Kids will love making up stories and telling tales using the easy-to-manipulate and colorful puppets. Teachers and parents love that kids are able to stay entertained, practice creative expression, and further develop their communication skills. The puppets also travel well and clean up easy, making playtime convenient and fun!

 Educational Insights lists some of the most amazing dinosaur toys available. Check out some of these cool options, and add a dinosaur to your child’s toy box!Dino Checkers
The classic game of Checkers is back and with a Tyrannosaurus twist! Battle with your partner in this prehistoric throwdown, as Stegosaurus and Brontosaurus fight for squares of lava. Captured dinosaurs are held captive in the “tar pits,” and the dinos transform into T. Rex’s when kinged. This game provides fun for kids, as well as teaching logical thinking skills, strategy, positive communication, and problem solving. Add this dinosaur toy to your collection!

GeoSafari® Dino Digs Velociraptors
Watch kids find their inner scientist as they enjoy the amazing Dino Dig Velociraptor from Geosafari®. This awesome toy allows students to discover, excavate, and assemble two complete velociraptor skeletons that come from faux fossilized rocks. Perfect for dinosaur units, this kit provides hand-on activity and encourages communication between children. The kit comes fully prepared, offering excavation tools, dust brushes, wax adhesives, and activity guides. Watch your little archaeologists work together to find the hidden secrets of the Jurassic Era with this amazing toy!

Dino Construction Company™–Wrecker the T-Rex Skid Loader
This awesome titan will inspire imagination and keep kids busy for hours. Not only is it a fun combination of dinosaurs and construction equipment, but Wrecker the T-Rex Skid Loader also promotes outdoor play and helps to fine-tune children’s motor skills. It’s designed to last, and it’s perfect for kids of multiple ages. This makes for a great learning toy for younger children in earlier grades, and can be enjoyed at home or on the playground.

For more information on our dinosaur toys and brands, visit Our goal is to provide fun and creative toys that provide an enriching learning experience. With amazing dinosaurs toys and more, we offer everything a parent or teacher needs to build a fun and educational environment.

Five Spooktacular Ways to Teach Math Using Halloween Treats

shutterstock_152698421Ask any kid what’s the best part of Halloween and you’re likely to get the same response: the candy! Who can blame them? A bag of bite-sized chocolates is hard to beat. But Halloween treats can amount to more than a sugar high. They’re also a great way to teach kids mouth-watering math skills.

1.  Estimating the Loot
Estimation is a key math tool that helps us make a reasonable judgment about an amount, size or result. We also use it in everyday life to determine the number of people in a room, the speed of a car or the distance to the park.

Exercise: Empty your child’s trick-or-treat bag on the table and ask him or her to estimate the number of candy pieces. Then, have your child count each piece to learn how close the estimate came to the actual result. Remember, the key to estimating is to make a reasonable judgment, so don’t let your child count or calculate an exact answer. Close estimates earn a piece of candy!

Ages: Pre-K to Grade 1
Lessons: estimation, counting

2.  Sorting the Sugar (and Comparing the Candy)
Young children love to group and sort. It’s the foundation for organizing data, a skill they’ll need to solve problems later on.

Exercise: Ask your child to sort his or her candy into three groups. (Stick with two groups for younger kids.) Then, ask him or her to identify which attributes the candy in each group share (size, texture, whether they contain chocolate, etc.). Ask other questions, such as: “Which group has more pieces of candy? How many pieces make up each group?”

Ages: Pre-K to Grade 1
Lessons: sorting, comparing, counting

3.  Developing Delicious Number Sense
Once young children learn to recite numbers, the next step is to understand that number words correspond to a number of things…like pieces of candy!

Exercise: Using a permanent marker, label 10 clear plastic sandwich bags with the numerals 1–10. Draw a corresponding number of dots on each bag to represent the quantity. Then, have your child fill each bag with the corresponding number of candies. For added challenge, scramble the filled bags and ask your child to re-order them from least to greatest.

Ages: Pre-K to Grade 1
Lessons: number sense, counting, ordering

4. Addition and Eating (aka Subtraction)
In the past, kids used to endlessly memorize addition and subtraction tables. But today’s teachers know that an understanding of adding and taking away is more beneficial than reciting a math fact.

Exercise: Have a pile of Halloween candy on hand. Put three pieces in front of you. Then, tell your child to “give me 5”—giving you enough pieces of candy so your pile contains a total of five pieces. Ask your child to count how many pieces he or she gave you (in this example, you should have been given two more pieces). Repeat the game, starting with a different number of candies. Or, reverse the play, so your child can tell you to “give me 5!”

Ages: Pre-K to Grade 1
Lessons: addition, subtraction

5.  The Sweet Shoppe
Counting money and buying goods are two important skills that will help your child in everyday life.

Exercise: Label three empty glass jars with different monetary amounts, such as $0.10, $0.15 and $0.50. Separate your child’s candy into each jar and give him or her an assortment of nickels, dimes, and quarters. Ask your child to count the money. Then, have him or her use it to buy pieces of candy.

Ages: Grades 2 and 3
Lessons: counting money, multi-digit addition and subtraction

For other great ways to learn mathematics, check out Hot Dots® Let’s Master Math Sets and other interactive math toys and tools.

Five Autumn-inspired activities for Kids (and FREE Printable too)

Enjoy the beauty of fall with these 5 kid-friendly, autumn-inspired activities.

Fall Activities for Kids
1. Try the Leaf Name Game! It’s an enjoyable way for little ones to learn their alphabets. {The Pleasantest Thing}

2. Create “Falling” Leaf Art. Kids can build fine motor skills as they construct fall-inspired art. {Fantastic Fun and Learning}


3. Discover why leaves change colors with this easy at-home science experiment. {How Wee Learn}

4. Build a leaf maze. Get the kids to sneak in some exercise as they walk, run, twist, and turn their way through the leafy labyrinth. {Happy Hooligans}

Sneaky Snacky Coloring Page

5. This adorable coloring page, inspired by The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game™, is a festive fall treat for all ages. Download, grab some crayons, and enjoy!

What are your favorite fall activities?