#IceCreamMonth Giveaway: Lickety Quick™ Word-Building Game

#IceCreamMonth Giveaway! Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? Yum! We’re honoring the delicious treat with a good ole’ game of Lickety Quick™, an ice cream-themed word-building game featuring parts of speech, syllables, letter combinations, and more.

Let’s play! Using the cards displayed below, come up with a verb using the letter “S.” We’ll pick 5 random participants to get a Lickety Quick™ game of their own! Get the scoop here.


Travel-Friendly Games and Activities for Kids

“Are we there yet?” A question asked by many bored kids on long trips, but made famous by Bart and Lisa Simpson. Traveling with kids on long trips can be quite challenging if they are not occupied or active. However, there is always a solution: Travel Helpers. Keep kiddos smiling and learning with these cool travel-friendly games and activities. Instead you’ll be asked, “We’re here already?”
Design & Drill® Take-Along Toolkit: Construction creativity to go! Take the fun of Design & Drill® anywhere! This portable, compact version of our popular activity set features built–in storage for all pieces, plus an electronic handheld screwdriver. ($29.99)














Kanoodle® Genius is perfectly portable for brain-building on the go. 202 brain-teasing puzzles that develops spatial reasoning skills and exercises critical thinking skills ($12.99).

















Have a puppet show on the go with Puppet-on-a-Stick™. Three oversized puppets (L to R – Lex, Kai and Fez) on sticks inspire dramatic play with silly faces, movable mouths, and endless possibilities! ($26.99 for set of three or $8.99 each)


Travel Blurt!® is a hilarious on-the-go game of rapid word recall!($12.99)

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Sci-Friday: Defying Gravity At-Home Science Experiment


It’s Sci-Friday! Try Defying Gravity with this easy at-home experiment by Nancy B’s Science Club.

Is it easier to float in an ocean or a lake? Why is there a difference? The force of gravity pulls your body to Earth. But water exerts an upward force, called buoyancy (BOY-uhn-see) on your body. This buoyancy works against the force of gravity. Ocean water has something special in it — salt! Does salt water have a greater buoyant force than fresh water? Get more on this experiment, here