An Up-close Look of Bugs, Grass, and More with Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope

A Review written by Bre Brown of The Small Things for Inside Insights.

All kids love to have fun. When education and fun are both combined your child can have a great time. I had the chance to work with Educational Insights on a review for Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope. Educational Insights is the manufacturer of playful products with serious educational value, including subject-specific classroom products, teacher resources, educational toys, and games. Their products are designed by seasoned educators and parents who know that, first and foremost, learning must be fun. My daughter is at the age where I want her to learn more and have fun doing it. She was SO excited to receive her microscope for review!


The set came with everything she needs to study and explore. Check out what came with it!


She has her tweezers, her slides (plastic tools), scalpel, spatula, specimen vials, petri dish, test tube, pipette, cover slips, 4 prepared slides and 7 blank ones! Everything she needs to get started and observe!It also comes with a 22 page activity journal! It lets her observe real life objects and it has activities to keep her busy! For our review, we decided to observe things we found inside and outside.


Mr. Bee was not harmed in the process. I thought I may add that. We were too afraid to try and use him after catching him! She found a piece of glass that was picked up with her tweezers and she wanted to see what the grass looked like. She also found a leaf with a tiny spider on it.


The microscope came with prepared slides and it had wool, a peacock feather, Stoma and a goldfish scale. Check out what we seen when she was observing! My phone picked up the view through the eyepiece.


She had Max, our dog, lick a slide and she checked it out. The goldfish scale looks like a fingerprint! So weird! She also checked out a piece of fish food and compared it to a piece of potato chip. Makes me not want to eat them anymore! they look similar! Gross!


She plucked a hair and checked it out and also had my husband pick one of his beard hairs! HA! She also somehow observed a ripped fingernail? You can also see the wool that came in the kit!


The grass looks so odd. She said the broken bottle glass looks “cool”. I think the salt looks so weird! I think the peacock feather is beautiful too! Check out what freaked me out below!


She managed to squash a gnat and put it on a slide. That tiny thing looks disgusting. The little tree leaf with the spider on it looks gnarly too!


Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope has 30X, 100X and 400x magnification and a top viewing light for 3-D views as well ad the bottom light to see inside things! The microscope does need 3 AAA batteries! Don’t forget those! Overall, I love how this can educate my daughter! She already told me that if they have show and tell at school this year, she wants to take it with her! I have no issue with that! If you want Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope for yourself, you can buy it on the Educational Insights website for $39.99! I highly recommend this product because it is just too cool! It isn’t cheap and it is great quality! Not to mention it is portable and easy to put everything back in the box!

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