What My Mother Taught Me: Reflections from the Educational Insights Staff

Mothers have many titles: mommy, nurturer, provider, nurse, cook, therapist, and most importantly, teacher. This is a prominent role in motherhood, and many of us at Educational Insights can relate because we have learned very important lessons from our mothers. A few of us got together to reflect on life lessons that our mothers taught us.

Grab your tissue, this is going to be a tear-jerker.

Thao with her mother and brother.

Thao Truong, Ecommerce Manager – My mother taught me what strength means. Fleeing from her home country as a refugee, with no grasp on the English language, she managed to raise three children to be caring individuals. Not to mention, she also became a successful professional. She has a beautiful, strong voice in our family and I am thankful for the wonderful example she provided in my childhood and still today.

Marcia strikes a pose with her mother.

Marcia Gresko, Senior Product Manager – My mother was a child of the Great Depression. She taught me to work hard and save for a rainy day; to set high standards and keep my promises; to honor family and to do justice in the world. Other valuable life lessons include: always bring something to a party, cook too much food for company, dessert and thank-you notes are not optional.

AnnMarie and family.

AnnMarie Siciliano, Creative Director – My mom taught me that I should always respect others and myself. She also taught me to not take life to seriously, to have fun, and to be silly. I feel very lucky to have my mom as my mom.

Nicole and her twin sister being held by their mother.

Nicole Dawley, Social Media and Communications Specialist – my mom taught me so many things, but the best lesson she ever taught me was to respect and love people. Until this day, whenever I walk into a room, I smile and say hello to everyone if I can. Acknowledging my family, neighbors, and co-workers are important to me. Respecting people has gotten me such a long way, and I can only thank her for instilling that in me. Another lesson she taught me was to never go to someone’s house empty-handed. That advice alone has blossomed many great relationships.

Chrissy cools off by the pool with her mother.

Christina Noble, Web Designer – Of the many things my mom has taught me, one that’s stuck with me and guided all aspects of my life is the pursuit of balance. When I find good balance, whether between work and play, taking care of myself and taking care of others, or fitness and indulgence, my mom is right there with me and I feel at peace!

Nancy's hangs out with mother.

Nancy Balter, Product Manager – My mother taught me the importance of two things: 1. Hard work 2. Being there for your family. She has always taught these lessons by her own example.

Let us know what your mother taught you in the comments below. Have a magnificent Mother’s Day Weekend!

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