Light Up the Season!

Icicles shimmering. Candles flickering Holiday lights reflected in snow. And, as if right on cue, our brand new IllumiCraft™ line launching, just in time for the holidays!

Circuits and Crafting

What’s extra special about the twinkling lights in our IllumiCraft kits is that YOUR kids will wire them. Yes! You heard us right. Your kids can and will create complete electrical circuits as part of these amazingly creative, super-empowering, engineering-introducing, love-of-science-inspiring craft kits!


Designed for kids ages 8 and up, each IllumiCraft kit includes super-sparkly stickers and other decorative materials kids use to decorate and dazzle objects ranging from picture frames to cell phone speakers. The kits also include step-by-step instructions and all the materials needed to construct a simple circuit to light each object up.


Assembling an IllumiCraft kit is a relaxing, rewarding, and super fun way to spend a winter afternoon. And, at $19.99, the kits are a great holiday gift or birthday buy. Plus, you’re giving so much more than a craft kit! With IllumiCraft, kids are getting hands-on experience with a basic electric engineering concept, building scientific confidence and laying the foundation for future STEM success. Talk about a bright idea!

With 6 IllumiCraft kits to choose from, there’s something for everyone:

  • IllumiCraft Light Up! Jewelry Organizer
    The spotlight’s on your favorite gems and jewels with this personalized, light-up organizer featuring a circuit kids wire themselves and their custom paint and design jobs!

  • IllumiCraft Light Up! Cell Phone Speaker Dock
    Kids can amplify their sound and style with a light-up cell phone speaker doc featuring a simple circuit they wire themselves and their custom paint job and personalized decorations!

  • IllumiCraft Light Up! Pencil Case
    Kids illuminate their style with a light-up pencil case, featuring a circuit they create yourself and custom designs and decorations!

  • IllumiCraft Light Up! Frame
    Kids can shine some light on their family and friends with a light-up frame featuring a circuit they wire yourself and their custom paint job and decorations!

  • IllumiCraft Light Up! Journal
    Kids can record their bright ideas in a light up, hard-cover journal featuring a circuit they lay yourself and their very own designs and decorations!

  • IllumiCraft Light Up! Wall Mirror
    Kids can light up their lockers with this illuminated mirror, complete with a circuit they lay themselves and their custom paint and deco jobs!

The perfect combination of crafting and STEM learning puts IllumiCraft kits at the top of every holiday wish list!

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