Let it Snow! Try this fun shaped paper Snowflake pattern

Snowflake Craft

Do you need a fun activity over the holiday break for idle kids? Holidays are filled with cookies, wonder, and opportunities for creativity. But go beyond the average looking snow cutout, and try this fun shaped paper snowflake instead. Kids will be delighted when they see how easy and fun it is to create a snowflake in the shape of our favorite Puppet-on-a-Stick characters!

Step by step: Download print friendly instructions here.

01_1 01_2

(1) Print out the PDF and cut out the square template. Click here for template.

02_1 02_4 02_3 02_2

(2) Prefold all of the solid lines

03_1 03_3 03_2

(3) Fold the template in half and then fold it in half again. Next, fold along the diagonal edge, making sure to keep the puppet shape exposed…now you’re ready to cut!

04_1 05_1 04_2

(4) Cut out the puppet shapes…the grey portion is the part that is discarded.

(5) One of the puppets requires a hobby knife to cut out the mouth. If you don’t have one, you can just draw and color in the mouths later.

06_1 06_2

(6) Unfold your creation carefully.


(7) Put on the finishing touches by drawing in the eyes of the puppets (and the mouths if you didn’t cut them out in the previous step). You’re done! Tape the snowflake to your window, your notebook, etc. Enjoy!

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