July 19th, 2012 Deal of the Day


Hi! Amy here from Educational Insights with today’s Deal of the Day. Today is Thursday July 19th, 2012, and the Deal of the Day is Stick-to-it! Phonics Short Vowels sounds game.

So we’ve got a double-sided felt board and two sticky balls. Kids take turns throwing the balls and landing on different short vowel sounds like “-ap”, “-ick”, “-at”, or “-ot”. They can identify the short vowel sound “aw” for “oh”, they can come up with a word that uses that short vowel sound like “cot” or “pot”, or they could come up with rhyming words: “cot”, “lot”, “got”.

The other side has images, same thing. So, if you landed on a sock or a pin, you can identify the short vowel sound, “-aw” or “-ih”, rhyming words, word families, using those words in sentences. Lots of fun!

It usually retails for $29.99, today’s Deal of the Day makes it $12.99, so head on over to Educationalinsights.com before midnight to get a great deal of Stick-to-it! Phonics Short Vowels sounds game.

Also, as a gift from us to you, enter EIFREE for free shipping with a Deal of the Day purchase!

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