Inventor’s Cube Comes Full Circle!

Here at EI we work with some pretty incredible inventors. Some specialize in board games, some in gadgets, and some, like Howard Fleischer, blend the two into best-selling games like our 2016 release, RiddleCube™.

This combination card game, fidget gadget, and creativity cube might seem like the perfect blend of modern day entertainment – and it is! But it’s also got roots that go all the way back to Howard’s earliest days as an inventor. You see, the game is actually a relaunch of one of his very first inventions – the Polygonzo Stretch Toy (we like RiddleCube better – you?). He created the original prototype – out of straws! – as a student in Paris in the 1980’s.

Other than being made of flexible plastic instead of straws, the concept hasn’t changed much over the last 35 years. But Howard’s ability to get meetings with the top toy manufacturers has come a long way since his days on the Champs Elysees. As president and founder of RoyaltyPros, inventor Howard is now also a top licensing agent, negotiating deals with big time companies including Fisher-Price, Mattel, Hasbro, Kellogg’s, Microsoft, SpinMaster, and, yes, Educational Insights, among others. It helps to know five languages and nearly everyone in the toy, game, candy, publishing, entertainment, and licensing worlds.

We love that Howard brought RiddleCube to us. We can’t get enough of the twisting, turning, bending, shape-shifting action – and neither can consumers. This award-winning take on traditional games is one of our best-sellers. And it’s not hard to see why. Great for inspiring a bit of creativity and more than a few giggles and grins, RiddleCube is truly a game like no other.

RiddleCube includes 4 flexible cubes, 100 double-sided challenge cards, a timer, a card case, and a game guide. Players flip a card and the timer, then race to see who can contort their cube into the image named on the card first. For more information – or to order your own RiddleCube Game – Click Here

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