Introducing Nancy B’s Science Club 2014 Summer Science Scholarship Winner: Cecilia Daddino


Meet Cecilia Daddino, Nancy B’s Science Club 2014 Summer Science Scholarship winner! This tenacious 10-year-old from Yaphank, New York has an admirable knack for science that impressed the entire Educational Insights team, especially Nancy B. Her love for snakes, the ocean, and rocks encouraged her to make plans to be a herpetologist, marine biologist, and geologist when she grows up. However, she is not waiting to be an adult to share her knowledge on the captivating world of science.

Joelle Daddino, Cecilia’s mother, said her curious daughter is “excited for science.” She’s always thrilled to find herself attending one of her daughter’s impromptu science classes.

“She found a ragworm on the beach the other day, and had a whole crowd around her as she was teaching them all about it,” she said. “She does that a lot.”


Cecilia shared that she enjoys teaching her peers about the thrilling aspects of science. She loves showing others how to use Nancy B Science Club tools, specifically the AquaScope™ and Underwater Wonders Activity Journal.

“Whenever I go to the beach, I always bring it,” she said. “The last time I used it; some kids came over and asked what I was doing. When I told them, they called their moms over and I gave them a class about it. Those people asked me to give them its name because their kids wanted it too.”


Cecilia used her scholarship funds to purchase an advanced, high-powered microscope and telescope. Once she received her microscope, she tested her knowledge on bacteria and cells that she learned in her Brookhaven National Laboratory classes. According to Joelle, within 60 minutes of hooking up her microscope, Cecilia was able to diagnose her little brother with the common cold.

“My little guy got a paper cut and they put the blood on a blank slide where Cecilia has seen, taken photos of, and determined the illness by comparing the photos of the virus with Google images.”

Cecilia then diagnosed her brother with having the common cold and emailed their pediatrician the photos.

Besides making amazing discoveries, she participates in her Girl Scouts Troop, plays drums, and enjoys catching a baseball game with her family.

Congrats Cecilia, from the Educational Insights team!


  1. NancyB should choose me because every day I’m always doing science things at my lab. She should also choose me because I always use her products and I also bring my science things every where I go. A cool fact about me is I loved science stuff ever since I was 2 years old.

  2. I really love Nancy b products because they are easy to use . I want to be like her . She is my inspiration .

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