All Dressed Up!

Here are all the pictures from yesterday’s Halloween shenanigans yesterday in the office. We’ve got some truly creative people here at Educational Insights!

Here’s Brent, one of our product managers, as Felix the Cat!

Our graphic designer, Ernesto, as the Dark Knight.

Riley, our Creative Director, as the tortured artist that he is!

Jess as the Wendy’s cold drinks training video star. Her inspiration source comes from this gem:

Sonia, our senior production artist, as the Green Hornet.

James Tu, another one of our product managers, as the ever popular Psy doing the Gangnam style!

Our marketing assistant, Caitlin, as a California cool surfer chick.

And last but not least, our office pooch Shelby as the Wonder Pug!

Here’s Lisa, our manager, and Shelby.

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