Go Big This Year with Brand New Toys and Games for Big Kids!

Start the year off BIG with brand-new, big-kid tools, toys, and games to help your not-so-little one discover and explore through unplugged play with Educational Insights. Our new-for-2017 product line-up includes tools for outdoor, natural, and scientific exploration, STEM based DIY circuit-building, hilarious party games, and so much more, like our:

Solar Rover

GeoSafari® Solar Rover – Your soon-to-be scientist can experiment with solar energy with this sun-powered vehicle, using his hand to alternate light and shadow to power the solar cells, move forward, and turn left or right and blocking the sun to stop!

Laser Lab

GeoSafari® Ultimate Laser Lab – It takes laser-like focus to complete the 10 laser experiments and activities featured in this set, which includes a class 1 laser with 5 settings, 1 diffracting grating, 2 mirrors, 2 stands, and a blank slide.

Word on the Street

Word on the Street® – The whole family can take the fast lane to fun with this fast-paced word game! Race to come up with a word that fits a specific category, moving the letter tiles in that word across the street, one space at a time.


AfterWORDS™ – Think fast! Name a word that fits in the category in play AND begins with the last letter of the last word played! This backward twist on word games will really get your big kid thinking!

Visit Pinterest to see our all of our new ways to play, learn, and get silly in 2017!

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