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What Kind of Science Will Your Kids Like Best?

Simply put, science is the study of our world, which pretty much means we’re all doing science all the time (no wonder we’re so smart 😊)! With so many different areas of the world to study, from animals to astronomy, there’s a branch of science for just about  everyone. Take our kiddo quiz below to find out what kind of science your lil’ smarty might like best and what you can do to nurture their natural love of science!

1. What’s your kiddo’s favorite thing to do in the kitchen?

a. Mix up potions, concoctions, or slime
b. Play with your family’s pet
c. Talk to you

2. When you take a walk outside, what is your little one most likely to notice?

a. Interesting cloud formations
b. Tall trees and colorful leaves
c. People going about their biz

3. Which display at the children’s museum would your little one love most?

a. Magical Magnets
b. Digging Up Dinos
c. Our Caveman Cousins

4. Would you say your child is more…

a. Curious
b. Adventurous
c. Compassionate

5. Which of the toys below would your kiddo choose at the toy store?

a. Nancy B’s Science Club Reflections Kaleidoscope
b. GeoSafari® Day ‘N’ Night Ant Factory
c. Just-Like-Me Baby Doux Baby Doll

If you chose mostly…
A’s – Your child is into the physical sciences, including physics, astronomy, chemistry, and geology. Encourage your kiddo to start a rock collection, star gaze with a telescope, and try some simple kitchen chemistry!
B’s – It’s biology all the way for your baby! From zoology to botany and of course paleontology, your little one is interested in life sciences. This spring, observe a butterfly hatching from a chrysalis or grow a plant together (try a clear container, so you can see the roots, too!).
C’s – If you feel like your kiddo is in your head, you might not be far off. Your sweetie is intrigued by the psychological sciences, including sociology and anthropology. Ask about their day, who did something kind, who ate lunch with whom, and how the teacher seemed to be feeling. You might be surprised by the insights you hear!

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