Creating a Gratitude Jar Share Your Attitude of Gratitude!

What’s an attitude of gratitude, you ask? It’s the consistent expression of thanks for all of the good in your life, and the benefits are endless! From improving mental and physical health, to getting a better night’s sleep,to maintaining lasting friendships, making gratitude a part of your everyday routine can truly change your life for the better.Thanksgiving is the perfect time to teach your children about the power of thankfulness, and a gratitude jar is an easy, visual way to get started. Follow these four steps and instill an attitude of gratitude in your family today!

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Step 1—Gather your physical materials
You’ll need a large, clean jar (Mason-sized is perfect) for each member of your family, a pretty ribbon for each jar, a pad of paper, and a pair of scissors. Tie the ribbon around the jars as a reminder that you are fully “tied” (committed) to an attitude of gratitude.

Step 2—Gather your family
Whether first thing in the morning, just after dinner, or right before bed, expressing gratitude together and making the expression of gratitude a part of your entire family’s daily routine will help the practice stick.

Step 3—Gather your mental materials
Each family member should spend just a moment thinking about three things they’re grateful for each day. Those things could be as basicas a roof over your heads, enough food on the table, or a steady job to pay the bills. Or they could be specific, like a special outing with Mom, a really great soccer practice, or feeling healthy again after a cold. Each family member writes each of these items on individual slips of paper, folds the paper in half, and drops them into their jars.

Step 4—Look to the jar
When things are going well, look to the jars! See how full they are of wonderful things and feel thankful for all that you have! When times are tough, pull a few slips of paper out of the jars and read them to remind yourselves of how much you have to be grateful for, what wonderful things you have in your life, and all of the gifts that you’re given each and every day.

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Have you tried teaching your children gratitude? Share what’s worked for you and how it’s benefited your kids in the comments below!




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