Blast from the Past: Let’s Doodle! Coloring Sheets

Talk about Blast from the Past! Here are some awesome holiday themed sheets from our very own Let’s Doodle books. Sadly, we no longer produce these sheets, but feel free to take them off our blog and print them out for your kids or your classroom!



  1. I’m just wondering why these are no longer produced?
    Also, I was trying to see the fall coloring pages from this post and they are gone. Will you post more and more of them? These make beautiful coloring pages for cards for my students’ parents. HELP!

  2. Please post more Let’s Doodle pages. I would love the have the St. Patrick’s Day pages!!!

  3. please include more of the let’s doodle coloring pages. My students really love these! I lost some of my copies. I am looking for the rose, the parrot, mask, puppy, kitten, carousel horse thanks

  4. Thank you! I taught for 34 years, and I used this book. loved it! So sorry that was discontinued. Thanks for the pages. Would you please send some more? Thanks!

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