Believe in Play This Holiday Season


There’s something purely magical about playtime – the bonding, the learning, the laughing, and even more laughing. Studies show that playtime lightens moods, allow kids to learn how to cooperate, and most importantly, encourages creative problem-solving, all crucial for succeeding in school. Plus, as we get older, we sort of forget how important play is, don’t we? We – little kids and big ones too, yes, YOU – all need a bit more play time.

So, JOIN US, and find easy-peasy ways to sprinkle a bit more fun and laughter into every day.

  • We’ll post one very simple play idea to our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages every day for 30 days.
  • Once you see the post, do the play idea and be sure to SHARE on our Facebook page or tag our handle @educationalinsights on Instagram or @ed_insights on Twitter.
  • Be sure to use the hashtag #believeinplay!
  • We’ll share our favorites and award them with an EI toy at the end of the 30 days.

We hope that you take the time to play with us and help others #believeinplay again! How will we play together? See our daily posts below. We started Monday, November 17th, so join us for some fun!

Day 1: Take a silly selfie.
Day 2: Do a cartwheel.
Day 3: Create a unique handshake.
Day 4: Wear a funny looking hat.
Day 5: Tell a knock-knock joke.
Day 6: Have a staring contest. Try not to blink!
Day 7: Play musical chairs.
Day 8: Play Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Day 9: Grab a few friends and make a letter with your bodies.
Day 10: Take a jumping picture.
Day 11: Thanksgiving! Cook together; it’s OK to play with your food.
Day 12: Do a conga line with friends.
Day 13: Create something artistic.
Day 14: Put on a puppet show.
Day 15: Battle it out in an epic thumb war.
Day 16: Have a group huddle.
Day 17: Say “Jolly jugglers juggle jacks” five times.
Day 18: Play telephone (it’s more fun when there’s 5 – 10 people).
Day 19: Play freeze dance.
Day 20: Do a science experiment!
Day 21: Build an indoor fort / tent.
Day 22: Talk like a pirate.
Day 23: Create a funny word.
Day 24: Say, “Hi, let’s play” in a foreign language.
Day 25: Dance to your favorite song.
Day 26: Run a Relay Race.
Day 27: Have a family game night.
Day 28: Gift-wrap a present using items in the house. Get creative.
Day 29: Act like your favorite animal.
Day 30: Add some coloring to your playtime.

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