Back to School Success – 5 Top Tips and Tricks from Teachers


Other parents are an awesome resource for back to school hacks – sweatshirts on sale, free printable lunchbox love notes, the longest-lasting backpacks (or shoes, for that matter!). But if you really want to know what’s going to make a difference in terms of your child’s back to school success, why not ask the teachers?
We reached out to teachers across the country who’ve dedicated their careers to helping kids reach their fullest potential to ask for their very best best back-to-school advice, just for you!

On Making the Most of the Summer:

“Plan, prepare, and serve a meal. Grow a plant. Write a thank you note. Keep a diary. Do a science experiment. Learn the location of a country on a map. Organize your toys. Practice skip counting…”
Nancy Balter, 7th and 8th Grade Math and Science Teacher

On Starting the School Day:

“Ensure that children eat in the morning. This is so key. Start the day with a healthy meal or at least a decent bar, cup of dry cereal with nuts/dried fruits, etc, or a smoothie for the car. Start them off making healthy food choices – go visit a community garden or the farmer’s market – introduce it early and they’ll continue in school when they have their own choices to make.”
Erin O.
ESL, preschool, and elementary teacher

On Reading:

“Both parents should read aloud to their kid(s). Often this falls to mom. Dad’s love of reading is a powerful motivator.”
Marcia G.
Pre-K and 9-12 teacher

On Parent Involvement:

“Be involved. If you’re not home during your child’s homework time, have them leave it out for you to look over, ideally with their homework planner. Check your child’s work. Check their backpack for notes and other school communication. Ask to see their tests and review them together. Ask about their school day and what they learned – maybe even have them try to explain a lesson to you. When you show an interest in your child’s education, it shows that it matters and is important. And that you care!”
Jennifer C.
5th and 6th Grade Teacher

On Getting Organized:

“Being organized in the digital sphere is just as important as the physical organization of school books and papers. Use Google Drive, Dropbox, or another free cloud service to make folders where you can store and share your digital work, photos, videos, and more. Color code the folders and use a consistent naming system so that you start off and remain organized all year round!”
Deborah L.
Senior Ed Tech Specialist, K-12

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