Ask Nancy B: How can I get my child interested in science?

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Question: How can I get my child interested in science?

Nancy B’s Response: Most children are naturally curious about science. Many adults assume kids will find nonfiction boring, but in fact, the opposite is true. I would suggest checking out a variety of children’s nonfiction books out from the library. Topics might include: space, sharks, earthquakes, the body, baby animals, etc. (If possible, have your child help with making the selection at the library.) Read the books together and see what sparks his/her interest. Then, plan other activities or trips to museums with those interests in mind.

Depending on the age of your child, you can do some fun experiments that follow naturally from your conversations. For example, you’re picking out paper towels at the grocery store. If your child asks which is better, then buy two brands and do a test (an experiment!) at home to find out for yourselves which is more absorbent. The process of designing the test is an excellent way to teach science skills, and the measurements involved reinforce math skills. Many people mistakenly think that science is not creative, but in fact, designing an experiment (in this example, a fair and accurate test of the paper towels) is a very creative endeavor. And your child is likely to be motivated by an interest in the results.

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